White Reflective Foil Seaming Tape Radiant Barrier Heavy Duty (2inch x 50yds)

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Vapor Barrier Tape Moisture Barrier Seam and Seal Adhesive for Crawlspace Encapsulations, Carpet Padding, Masking, Underlayment or Marine Use, Waterproof 9 Mil Poly Tape (White, 2 Inches x 54 yards)

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Heavy duty, commercial grade white vapor barrier tape measures 4in wide x 180ft long and is 9mil thick. It's highly durable, sticky, insulating, weather and water proof and designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Finish jobs with speed and reliability.
  • DURABILITY: Moisture resistant PE (Polyethylene) film backing features an extremely sticky adhesive for seaming and sealing plastic poly liners and vapor barriers. Provides a great sealant for crawl space wall liners, dust barriers, canvas and more.
  • CRAWLSPACE ENCAPSULATIONS: High performance and superior quality synthetic rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive coating is designed to offer high conformability that bonds well to a variety of surfaces.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This UV-resistant film is ideal for abatement and restoration, marine and boat preservation, shrink wrap, patch and repairs, pipes, outdoor masking of stucco application and painting, basement and underlayment.
  • Rolls of adhesive coated tape. Chrome colored, mirror like finish. often used for auto graphics, decorations, graphics.
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  • 1.5 mil thick metalized polyester.(mylar) 0.0015 inch thick
  • sticks to most clean, smooth surfaces.
  • very flexible, can be wrapped around a pencil.
  • does not stretch much.
  • can withstand high temp of 300 degree F
  • Made in USA, from non-toxic ingredients
  • Lead free