Super Shield Radiant Barrier

Super Shield Radiant Barrier is a NASA developed reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce both residential and commercial energy costs.
Super Shield Radiant Barrier insulation systems reflect radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it unlike traditional insulation.
Radiant Barrier Insulation is manufactured in two versions: Solid and Perforated.
Supershield perforated radiant barrier is ideal for use in attics. Tiny holes are evenly spaced across the surface of the reflective foil allowing for air to pass to eliminate the buildup of condensation from the extreme temperature differences on each side. Perforated radiant barrier can be installed under rafters or over the floor of the attic.
Supershield Solid radiant barrier is suitable where a vapor barrier is required such as a basement wall, sauna, concrete or flooring under-layment. Solid radiant barrier are also ideal for commercial and warehouse construction.