2000 sqft Diamond Super shield Solar Attic Foil Reflective Insulation 4 mil 4x250


Product Description

>>>2 Rolls of 1000sqft Rolls (4ft x 250ft) >>>4 mil Diamond Perforated.>>> For residential retrofit, particularly in the attic laying over existing insulation, and some OEM applications. Available in 500 and 1,000 sq. ft. rolls or custom lengths. Only available in perforated 4' widths. Super R Diamond® brand radiant barrier was the first product developed by Innovative Insulation. Super R Diamond® is two-sided reflective aluminized polyester film with reinforced scrim inside, designed to reflect radiant heat no matter what the season. Choose Super R Diamond® to retrofit an existing structure. It can be stapled to the underside of the roof rafters in an attic.


How It Works!!!

As much as 83% of the heat gain in the summer takes place through the ceiling and roof. SuperShield Reflective Insulation reflects the sun's heat before it can penetrate your home. You will use less air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can expect up to 45% cooling savings depending on the climate, current amount of insulation in the attic, and household energy use. Many of our customers have experienced higher results, but these results have not been verified by a third party.



Minimize ceiling heat retention during the summer by installing the Super Shield Barrier over your existing insulation.

Just as your ceiling and roof retain heat during the summer, they release heat during the winter as the hot air rises and escapes through your ceiling and roof. As you run your furnace during the winter to heat your home, Super Shield Reflective Insulation in your attic reflects the heat right back into your home. You spend less money on heating while staying warm and comfortable with a thermal blanket over you as the Super Shield Reflective Insulation performs.




Minimize ceiling and atttic heat loss during the winter by installing Super Shield Reflective Insulation. Super Shield Reflective Insulation creates a "Thermal Blanket" feeling making you warm and comfortable.

2000 sqft Diamond Super shield Solar Attic Foil Reflective Insulation 4 mil 4x250

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