16'Lx8'H Garage door White Reflective Foam (not cheap bubble) 4 panels 16'Lx8'H


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Garage Door Reflective Insulation Kit (Made in the USA) Size (Fits Double Car Garage Doors up to 16x8ft) This is the Precut Version 16 Panels This kit is the complete do it your self garage door kit This Kit Includes: >>>16 Pre-Cut 21 inch or 24 inch 1/4 foam core white one side foil other side insulation panel sheets. (Note this is the WHITE kit, The white is designed to be facing outside versus towards the garage) >>>Double Sided military grade tape that will withstand the elements Made in the USA Product: Foam Core laminated between two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier foil. Contact Temperature Range: -60°F To 180°F (-51°C To 82°C) Water Vapor Transmission: .02 Perms**** Puncture Resistance: 60 Lbs. Per In.*** Pliability: No Cracking Linear Shrinkage: None Mold And Mildew: No Growth Flame Spread: 0 Astm E84-08 Smoke Development: 40 Astm E84-08 Fire Rating: Class A / Class 1 Reflectivity: 95% Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302: Zero Surface Burn Rate Emittance: 0.04**** Benefits: • 100% Made in USA • Blocks radiant heat by up to 95% • Reduces Heating and cooling loss • Sound Reduction Technology • Saves you Energy and Money • Easy to use and install • Requires no protective clothing or special tools • Requires no maintenance • Highly Durable, Lasts Longer • Meets new ASTM Fire codes >>>All-In-One Kit Contains everything you need to insulate your Garage Door. >>>Improves Thermal Performance >>>Easily Installs in 60 Minutes or Less >>>Increased R-Value

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16'Lx8'H Garage door White Reflective Foam (not cheap bubble) 4 panels 16'Lx8'H

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