Super Shield Diamond Perforated Barrier (4 Mil Thick)

  • For residential retrofit, particularly in the attic laying over existing insulation or stapling to rafters, and some OEM applications.
  • This product blocks 97% of the radiant heat transfer through NASA reflective technology
  • This product is available in 500sqft and 1000sqft. rolls or custom lengths.
  • Only available in perforated 4' widths.
  • This Product is 4 Mil thick designed for installs where little to no foot traffic exists.
  • Super Shield Diamond brand radiant barrier is a two-sided reflective aluminized polyester film with reinforced scrim inside, designed to reflect radiant heat no matter what the season. Choose Super Shield Radiant Barrier to retrofit an existing structure. It can be stapled to the underside of the roof rafters in an atticĀ or laid directly over mass insulation for a noticeable increase in energy savings and increased comfort level.