Vehicle insulation kits


As we previously stated, Super Shield has many benefits. Some of the most commonly overlooked applications would be the use of Super Shield in automobiles, boats, buses, RVs, ambulances, planes, and refrigerated containers. In all of these applications, Super Shield acts not only as an excellent insulator but also as a sound deadener that will not absorb moisture.

In automobiles, one of the biggest problems when restoring a vehicle is trying to find a product that won't promote long-term damage to the body of the vehicle. When using foam padding or jute backing, unwanted moisture can easily be the cause of early deterioration in the floor of the vehicle.

In marine applications, Super Shield can be used to line the engine compartment to keep it dry as well as stabilize the heat radiating from the engine. Super Shield will also control unwanted engine noise. All these combined will make your boating experience that much more pleasurable!

For all of the cross country travelers out there Super Shield installed in RVs' can be used for the same applications as above but it will also provide an incredible defense against the summer heat. This will cut down on cooling costs and keep everybody much more comfortable. If you are taking trips to cooler climates or traveling in the winter months, Super Shield will keep all your valuable heat in, where you need it most.