25.5 inch x 125ft SAMPLE Super Shield AG White SOLID (8mil)

Super Shield AG White SOLID Barrier is our product designed for agriculture use. It is a money saving insulation alternative for the agriculture industry. It is composed of aluminum and polyethylene to form a superior product unlike any other in the agriculture market. Many people in the agriculture business recognize a growing problem – the heat in their warehouses/barns/stables. This is an increasing epidemic. This is commonly known as the “black-globe effect.” To combat this problem can become very expensive. U.S. Energy Products saw the need for a lower costing, highly effective insulation alternative to combat the issues people in the agriculture business face.

What is the “Black-Globe Effect”?

So what exactly is the “black-globe effect”? Whether an animal is outdoors or indoors, in temperatures exceeding 78° F, it absorbs a tremendous amount of radiant energy from the sun. Although the animal may be confined to a building, the “black-globe effect” on the animal is the same as if it were 10 to 20° F higher than air temperature. Just like humans, animals in higher temperature environments don’t fare well. This makes weight gain harder to achieve, dairy production amounts diminishing, and a plethora of other problems.


How can Super Shield AG White Solid help me?


Studies show that with the elimination of the “black-globe effect” using reflective metalized film insulation (Super Shield AG White SOLID), many improvements are immediately apparent. In the dairy industry, an increase of as much as 10% in milk production has been noted. The study went on to report nothing was changed in terms of diet and location. The only notable change made was the addition of reflective insulation. In a different study, a conception rate improvement of nearly 24%. Broiler house feed conversions went from averages of 2.3 to 2.8 lbs. of feed per lb. of bird to a much improved 1.99 feed conversion. So, with the same amount of feed, birds are gaining more weight.

25.5 inch x 125ft SAMPLE Super Shield AG White SOLID (8mil)

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