3500 sqft 4ft White Solid Radiant Barrier

Product Specifications

  • Thickest and strongest radiant barrier product on the market
  • Available in perforated or solid
  • Corrosive resistant
  • UV Inhibitor added
  • Eliminates “Black-Globe-Effect”
  • Allows for easier and quicker installation.
  • Includes all of the same benefits and advantages as Super R Plus® HD
  • Available in extended widths

Product Description

One side reflective, one side white film with polyethylene woven reinforcement


32 lbs per 1000 sq ft roll

Tensile/Tear Strength

Length: 21.49 pounds force
Width: 24.56 pounds force
ASTM D2261


70°F±5°F & 50±5% Relative Humidity –
No Cracking or Delamination
ASTM C1313-05

Adhesive Performance

180°F±5°F & 50% Relative Humidity –
No Bleeding or Delamination
ASTM C1313-05

Flame Spread & Smoke

Class A/ Class 1
0 Flame Spread, 5 Smoke Development
ASTM Method E84-10

Resistance to Fungi

PASS – No Growth
ASTM C1338-08


6.29 Perms
ASTM E96-05

Thermal Properties

ASTM C1371-04a

3500 sqft 4ft White Solid Radiant Barrier

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