9L x 8H Garage door White Reflective Foam 9'L x 8'H


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Garage Door Reflective Insulation Kit (Made in the USA) Size 24 inch 1/4 foam core white one side foil other side insulation panel sheets. (Note this is the WHITE kit, The white is designed to be facing outside versus towards the garage) >>>Double Sided military grade tape that will withstand the elements Made in the USA Product: Foam Core laminated between two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier foil. Contact Temperature Range: -60°F To 180°F (-51°C To 82°C) Water Vapor Transmission: .02 Perms**** Puncture Resistance: 60 Lbs. Per In.*** Pliability: No Cracking Linear Shrinkage: None Mold And Mildew: No Growth Flame Spread: 0 Astm E84-08 Smoke Development: 40 Astm E84-08 Fire Rating: Class A / Class 1 Reflectivity: 95% Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302: Zero Surface Burn Rate Emittance: 0.04**** Benefits: • 100% Made in USA • Blocks radiant heat by up to 95% • Reduces Heating and cooling loss • Sound Reduction Technology • Saves you Energy and Money • Easy to use and install • Requires no protective clothing or special tools • Requires no maintenance • Highly Durable, Lasts Longer • Meets new ASTM Fire codes >>>All-In-One Kit Contains everything you need to insulate your Garage Door. >>>Improves Thermal Performance >>>Easily Installs in 60 Minutes or Less >>>Increased R-Value

  1.  8 Rolls of 2ft wide x 5ft long Panels

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9L x 8H Garage door White Reflective Foam 9'L x 8'H

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